Taking music by NMC composer Kate Whitley as a starting point, this app features the stems from a specially devised remix by Olugbenga Adelekan as a starting point for your own version.


How to use the App

1. Listen to the original track

2. Remix your own version

3. Save your creation

4. Send to NMC (See Terms and Conditions)

5. For written instructions on using the app, please visit our website

6. Enjoy the app? Let us know what you think. Email: remix@nmcrec.co.uk


The Remix app is designed to run on all modern operating systems and browsers capable of supporting the webAudio API. For best performance we recommend you use Chrome or Firefox on Windows 10 or MacOS Sierra, Chrome on Android devices, and mobile Safari for iPhone / iPad. Note: Downloading is not enabled in Safari or Safari mobile. We can not guarantee performance on all Android devices, or out-dated operating systems.



Watch the video below for more information.




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Produced by NMC Recordings



NMC Recordings is a registered charity. Number 328052.

We are grateful for the support of all our Debut Discs funders.

For a full list of supporters, please see our website.



If you would like to contact us, please email: nmc@nmcrec.co.uk


Terms & Conditions:

1. NMC Recordings Limited (NMC) grants you, the User, permission on a limited, personal, revocable, non-exclusive basis to use the NMC owned recordings in the App to create re-mixes on the following conditions:

2. Remixes cannot be used for commercial purposes, nor can they be licensed or assigned for third party use, nor distributed by the User to third party websites such as YouTube, Soundcloud or Facebook.

3. In return for granting you permission to use the recordings, you agree that the copyright in the re-mixes shall belong to NMC. You assign the entire copyright (and all other similar rights) in the remixes to NMC.

4. You may not add any other material to a re-mix.

5. You may not use a remix for any immoral, indecent or defamatory purpose.

6. NMC may withdraw this permission at any time without prior notice.


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